Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So, to begin this little experiment, I thought i might begin with a word: skubalon...  

In our modern vernacular, the closest translation is shit.  Or garbage (for those who may be offended).

Here is a college memory…every Friday evening, there “it” was.  A concoction of random meats that looked inauspiciously similar to remnants of previous meals served throughout the week, camouflaged with stewed tomatoes and macaroni noodles, that we contemptuously labeled “the mystery pasta”.  I was then and still am tired of mystery pasta.  I am also just as tired of the assumed belief that we desire and are yet still in awe of the “mystery”…as if we are expected to be unaware of the ruse.

I feel that this is what is currently taking place in most of the discussion and re-thinking about the current growth formulas for the future of “church” in the U.S.  Most of the discussion from what I hear and read and am engaged in conversation with as it relates to the future of “church” seems to only focus on a perceived present danger or issue (lack of budget funds, membership transfer, building projects and subsequently building repairs, manual violations, worship style, the list goes on and on), and usually only generates solutions that are generally revisions of past attempts to return to the glory days…mystery pasta.  It reeks of unimaginative dogma and fear-based control.

Now I am not speaking against (nor for) denominationalism, or the establishment of the Church.  I am speaking against a lack of reckless abandon (to borrow from Mr. Yackanelli) to the things that our Creator God is passionate about, and the incessant and crippling return to what is and has been.  Again, let me state, I am not arguing that the past is something to be left, I am arguing that our misstep has been that we have not clearly looked far enough back to what is an ancient supernatural movement of the God of all heavens and His called out people.  We are in need of a re-vision.  We need to fall in love with and embrace again the mysteriousness of our covenant Father.  To not settle with peddling Him and His Church off in some repackaged, reheated, mystery pasta performance based “service”, but to wait expectedly on Him to move in and through US…His called out ones…His ecclesia in supernatural power and in love and justice. 

This (these musings of Simeon) is going to be a journey of sorts.  Rambling yet searching for what “IT” is and is supposed to be.  This will be a time of looking more deeply into the gospel that our Liberator King Jesus preached and lived and loved to death.

I am longing for a group of people to partner with that have a passionate love of God, an ever deepening epiphany of the realized power and potential in prayer, and a contagious desire to serve and see justice done where there isn’t.  I want to find or create an effective space to experiment with the modes of body leadership outlined in Eph. 4, radical life on life discipleship that happens in homes of those who are searching, and culturally relevant and simple/organic forms of organization and structure that inspire and empower people to be who they were created to be.

I don't want a bunch of skubalon.  In fact, I consider anything other than a real expression of the kingdom come that we might pass off as the real deal as skubalon

I want an awakening…

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